1st Edition
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The 1st edition offers an introduction to a fantastic view of the future 

As the manager of a team you buy mercenaries to win the fights in the Arena. Each mercenary is an individual and may be a human, a mutant, a droid or a robot and even alien races like the Maygones, Cysions or the dreaded Plasmodes may be included in a team. Each of these mercenaries has his own abilities but also his own weaknesses.

Strategy and tactics are required to win, but even luck got it's share of influence. A twenty-sided die is all you need to represent these chances of good and bad luck.

By winning and surviving these battles mercenaries earn credits and you decided if they spent their money to train their abilities or if they buy new weapons and armor to make them even more fearsome warriors.

The box includes: 

3 of 8 miniatures (randomly selected), a twenty-sided die, the rule book and cardboard templates, markers and gates.

No additional material is required to challenge the mercenaries of another player. The rule book describes 19 mercenaries,  available as miniatures from the box or sold individually. Through the possible variations of these characters FEARLESS is a game never to be boring.

Jessy Lex
Guardian 1000
Sir Huscal
Bob Carshaw
Jack Led
General Foster