FEARLESS League System



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Contents :

2 How to build a team
2.1 Principles of team-building
2.2 Tuning rules for new teams
2.3 Mechanics / repair units
2.4 Medical teams
3 Course of the league
3.1 Schedule
3.2 The director of the league
3.3 Days of tournament
4 Additional income
4.1 Viewing rate
4.2 Sponsor offerings
4.3 Victory bonus for away wins
5 Expanses
5.1 Healing and reanimation
5.2 Repairing weapons
5.3 Lost home/away games
5.4 Penalty system
   5.4.1 Violation against tuning or team-building rules
   5.4.2 Missing games
   5.4.3 Drawing a character out before the game is over
6 Bonus system
7 Transfer list
8 Tuning rules
9 Additional rules
9.1 Bankruptcy
9.3 Medic unit & Repairchip
10 Appendix
10.1 Form descriptions
10.2 End of Season
10.3 Play off's
10.4 The forms
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1 Introduction

The crowd rages out in the stands, and of course in front of the TV's and the 3D-projectors. Murdock’s Marauders did it again! They have just not only beaten their strongest opponent, they also humiliated them. Even in the VIP-lounges something like euphoria broke out. Now they were in second place and the season was nearly over. There isn´t much that can stop their way into the 1st division now. Of course, they will face harder and more difficult opponents than those they already fought against. A new team would have to be build up, but that was pie in the sky right now. First the present team had to be satisfied.
Suddenly the door opens and a slimfaced, embarrassed looking man enters the room. "Sir, R. Reptil is heavily wounded and needs medical aid fast. The CY-305 has to be checked by the mechanics as soon as possible, too. But we need your permission, sir. The teams say there won´t be any help without your Ok." " Ok, ok, ok! We ´ve made a nice profit today and it is already transferred. Tell the teams they have my Ok. The credits will be transferred soon - these damn bean-counters! Friends, we have won the match - so bring the champagne. I ordered it from good old mother earth. What ? You are still here? Come on, you have to get my boys fixed." "Yes, sir. I will...". In the same moment the door closes.
Something like that may happen to you if you were the owner of a team. An ordinary day in the FEARLESS league with all it´s ups and downs. You just have to read the following lines and either decide to build up an entirely new FEARLESS-league yourself or simply to join an existing one.
Initiating a league of course means some work for the leader ( or director ) of the league (who can be a team owner as well), but it definitly brings a lot of fun. Of course rules for being a league director will be provided in the following paragraphs as well. Have fun.

The authors of the league system are:
Martin Kolb
Markus Boenke
Steffen Grigar
Bernd Siepmann
Mic Schröder

2 How to build a team
Every participant of a FEARLESS–league is the owner of a team. How his team finishes a season depends on his care, his tactical abbilities, his playing attributes and - last but not least - his luck. Building up the right team is of great importance. Your success depends on the assembly, the tuning and the variabilitiy of your team.
You have to distinguish between two terms: 1. Team and 2. Setting up.

With team we mean the characters that are listed on your team sheet at the beginning of a season. 

With setting up we mean the characters you determine to enter the arena in a league match. All rules concerning the setting up have to be followed the whole season.

2.1 Principles of team-building
The FEARLESS–Company sets some rules to guarantee interesting, exciting and to avaoid single sided matches. While building up a team for the league these rules must be followed.

A team owner has 5000 credits available before the official start of the season to build up his individual team (300 credits of the overall 5000 may be used for tuning). This seems to be quite a large amount of credits, but don't forget that with this capacity and the earnings and boni you gain during the season, everything else has to be paid. In this case everything else means every piece of equipment and ammunition and every penalty and - last but not least - every new characters you decide to buy during the season. The credits you do not use will be transferred to your account.
Your starting account value may not exceed 1000 credits.
Before building up your team, it must be well decided, whether you will be able to pay the costs for your characters during the season or not. Sometimes it will appear to you that this is not as easy as it may sound. Your starting-team must contain a minimum of 8 characters. No character may be used twice in your team, neither in the starting-team nor during the ongoing season. The whole team has to be painted and every team has to have its own name.

According to the experiences from the past and to guaratee thrilling fights, the FEARLESS–Company sets some statutes refeering the setting ups of some characters and races.

2.2 Tuning rules for new teams
The tuning rules are mainly the same as in the tournament rule book. However, there are some differences between the tournament rules and the league system.

While building your starting-team, you may use 300 credits for tuning your characters from which you may only use 100 credits for each individual character.
During the season, half the amount of the credits earned (costs included) may be used for tuning. In addition 50 credits from your account may be used after every match.
2.3 Mechanics / Repair Units
To guarantee that the weapons of your fighters are always in best condition, you have to pay mechanics. Especially the specialists for melee weapons are in great demand. As a result you´ll have to pay more for them.
Melee weapon–mechanics

He or she repairs the standard version of lost or damaged melee weapons and other equipment the character posseses. The costs are 150 credits plus 30 credits for every weapon or equipment fixed.

Ranged weapon–mechanics

He or she repairs lost or damaged ranged weapons. The costs are 75 credits plus 20 credits for every weapon fixed.

The mechanics have to be listed on your team sheet and they have to be taken in consideration at the end of every
day of tournament. Only with the mechanics listed and all bills paid, a character may use his standard weapon,
which was destroyed in the match, in the next fight again.
2.4 Medical teams
To cure injured characters, a team owner has to pay for medical teams. They are needed to ensure the total recovery of a character for the next match. Every team can maintain up to 3 medical teams.
  3 Course of the league

3.1 Schedule
In one league a maximum up to 8 teams may take part. If you have more teams, a second division should be created. For every team a number has to be drawn. This number determines the order of your opponents following the list shown below.

Schedule for 8 teams
1. Day
2. day
3. day
4. day
5. day
6. day 
7. day
1 – 2
1 - 3
4 - 1
5 - 1
1 - 6
1 - 7
8 - 1
3 – 4
2 - 4
3 - 2
6 - 2
2 - 7
2 - 8
5 - 2
5 – 6
5 - 7
8 - 5
7 - 3
3 - 8
3 - 5
6 - 3
7 - 8
6 - 8
7 - 6
8 - 4 
4 - 5
4 - 6 
7 - 4

The director of the league and the participants should try to play the matches on a regular basis to avoid great gaps during tournament. To begin a new day of the season, the day before has to be finished.

3.2 The director of the league
There are 2 rules every participant of the league has to obey:

    § 1 Orders from the director of the league must be obeyed at all time!
    § 2 If a rule conflict appears either reason or the dice will decide, not the loudest voice.

To guarantee that the director has all information, the following forms are needed:

The schedule gives an general view of the matches and the results of each day of tournament.

Day of Tournament
The form for the day of tournament shows, besides the matches, the costs and incomes for every day. On the left side the values of the home team and after the "/" the values of the away team have to be filled in.

The director determines the ranking after every day of tournament. Every participant has to be able to look at this form to know his rank.

Transfer List
If one character enters the transfer list, he has to be registred with his present worth. The team owner that wants to buy him has to pay the halved present worth (fractions rounded).

3.3 Day of Tournament

The seperate matches are played according to the standard tournament rules with the following exceptions :

In every match 2, maximum 3 characters have to be put into the arena. The only exception is a team that has only one character. In this case, and only in this case, the rule above is dropped (The character has to enter the arena).

To determine the rank of a certain team the sum of all points scored during the games (including those of the finished day of tournament) is written down on the form. The credits won are also listed up.Only these numbers determine the position of the team. Every victory brings 2 points and every beaten character another point. As a result you may gain points even although you have lost a match. With the additionally won credits it should be almost impossible end up in a draw.
After a finished match the additional incomes and costs are determined by the team owners. First it has to be determined and marked on the team sheet which characters were critically wounded and which were killed.
The next thing are the credits your team earned in the match. The determination of the credits earned has to be made as described in the tournament rules.
With the credits earned in the match and your account value minus all penalties, the costs for your repair units and
the costs for the plasters and gauze bandages used, you get your new account value. By the way, no participant is
forced to replace special ammunition he used in a match ( - the director of the league has to notice that).
On the basis of the won matches in a winning streak, it will be determined what boni you get.
If you follow the order given in the next lines, you will not forget anything.
1. Number of critical wounds

Every team owner gets 5 credits per critical wound caused by one of his characters at the end of a match. If one character gets into the plasmafield, you get full critical wounds, but no victory point.

2. Killed opponents
You get 20 credits and one victory point for every enemy killed, and 15 credits for every beaten (not killed) special model).

3. Determining the winner
The one who has at least one character remaining at the end of the match is considered the winner. You get 25 credits and 2 points for winning a match..

4. Beating a higher-ranking team
Whenever a lower-ranking team beats a higher-ranking team, the lower-ranking team gets 25 credits for the first and 10 credits for each additional rank between the lower and the higher-ranking team. That means that should the no.2 team for example beat the no. 1 team, no. 2 would get 25 credits extra. Should the no.3 team beat the no.1 team, no. 3 would get 35 credits ( 25 for the first and 10 for the second rank difference between 1 and 3 ).

This rule only applies after the second day of tournament. The points 1 - 4 determine the points and

credits for the ranking.

5. Determination of the additional income and costs
Viewing rate and sponsor contracts
Victory bonus for a won away match.

Determining the expenses

6. Character recovery and reanimation
To ensure that an injured character participates the next match, he or she has to be healed by the medical teams. The team owner has to pay for the medical aid. With a roll on the reanimation table and appropriate credits certain medical teams are able to reanimate any dead character – if he or she wasn´t killed by the plasma-field, that is. The healed character may then be used in the next match. Characters who were not reanimated directly after the game are considered permanently dead.
7. Weapon repair
Any weapons destroyed during the match may be repaired for the appropriate amount of credits.

8. Expenses for a lost match
A lost match may cause additional expenses because under certain circumstances the fans of your team may not behave properly.

9. Penalties
For violations against tuning and setting up-rules as well as for cowardship during the match certain penalties apply. There are also penalties for repeatedly missing a day of tournament.

10. Determining the tuning value
Subtracting the costs from the income you recieve the credit value from which one half will be added to your account and the other half can be used for tuning, buying new equipment or new characters. This credit value is the last thing that has to be added to the form "schedule".

11. Boni
For a long winning streak you gain a bonus, which can only be used for tuning.

12. Transfer list
To gain additional credits you can put any of your characters on the transfer list. If a character changes the team the former team owner gets half of the value the character has at this moment (additional equipment is not of interest). The special equipment does not remain in the posses of the characters. A tuned character means an increase of value. Here tuned means additional armory and increased or decreased attributes. The credits will be added to your account after someone buyed the character. The new boss has to know everything about his new team member. Once sold means sold! There is no chance of rebuying a once sold character later in the season.

Nobody is forced to heal, reanimate or repair. If you don't do it pay attention to the following points.
An injured character will not enter the arena until he or she has recovered completely (with medical aid).
A destroyed weapon cannot be used until it is repaired.
If you do not try to reanimate a character directly after the match, he will be "permanently!" dead.

4 Additional income

4.1 Viewing rate
The league matches of the FEARLESS-Company are brodcasted by an own television station. Therefore, the teams share a certain income fixed by standard contracts. The amount of the profit sharing refers to the viewing rate. The league leader has to detemine it with the help of the following table (rolling a d20).
even with a worse viewing rate
sponsor contract
2 - 6
viewing rate of 20 %  3 credits = 
60 credits
7 - 11
viewing rate of 30 %  3 credits =
90 credits
12 - 14
viewing rate of 40 %  3 credits = 
120 credits
15 - 17
viewing rate of 50 %  3 credits = 
150 credits
18 - 19
viewing rate of 6o%  3 credits = 
180 credits + sponsor contract
viewing rate of 70%  3 credits = 
210 credits + sponsorcontract

Both teams share the credits gained by the viewing rate.

4.2 Sponsor offerings
Credits earned from a sponsor contract are directly transferred to the account of the team. Both team owners determine their sponsor contracts after the following list (rolling a D20).
1, 20
The offered contract is canceld.
2, 3 
The offered contract was not as good as it seemed. The team owner makes a bribe and has to pay 75 credits for a new roll on this list.
4, 5
The offered contract brings the team 50 credits after every following match.
6, 7
The contract with a special medical team enables the team to reanimate one character after any game it
8, 9 
As a result of an arrangement with a multiplanetal finincial institute the team gains 300 credits for the purchase of a new character. After this the contract runs out.
10, 11
Because of inglorious behaviour during the negotiations, no offerings are made for the next 4 games.
12, 13
The contract with an equipment giant enables the team to buy equipment (no ammunition) for half the usual price after any game won. After this the contract runs out.
14, 15
This contract brings the team 100 credits after every following match.
16, 17
The team menbers insult the sponsor. A penalty of 50 credits has to be payed and all running contracts are canceled.
18, 19
All additional ammunition can be bought for half the usual price (round fractions down).

Every team can only have two sponsor contracts at the same time. The contracts may only be canceled by the sponsor. If the viewing rate is 20 or 30% the director of the league rolls a d20 on the following list.
1 – 10
Contact is imediatly canceled. If the team has two contracts, another roll is needed. 

1.contract 1 - 10, 2.contract 11 - 20.

11 – 20
You have been lucky!

4.3 Victory bonus for away wins
If a team wins an away match it gains additional 25 credits.

5 Expanses

5.1 Healing and Reanimation
Wounded characters may participate in the next match only if they have totaly recovered from their injuries with the help of a medical team. There are 5 different medical teams which can heal your charaters for a small amount of credits. Dead characters - those who have not been reanimated directly after the game have to be deleted from your team sheet. A character killed by the plasma field may not be reanimated at all ( - in fact, there is not enough left of the poor guy that could be reanimated ). If you want to have this character again, you will have to buy a new one!
If a team has no credits left there won´t be any medical help – until the appropriate credits are on your account.

Medical teams (for descriptions see above)

1. nurse-team
2. surgeon-team
3. mechanical repairteam
4. Company Doc-team
5. Prof-team
Reanimation table(not for head shots)

1, 20
Reanimation totaly successful
2, 3
-2 on Q with all its consequences
4, 5 
RCS -2 - If no RCS available: MCS -2
6, 7
MCS -2 - If no MCS available: RCS -2
8, 9
BR +1
10, 11
Equipment stolen, character value remains
12, 13
MCS +1 or RCS +1
14, 15
ST -1 with all its consequences
16, 17
BR –1
18, 19
Team gets credits back. Character may not be reanimated again.

Reanimation table for head shots
1, 20
Reanimation successful. The character has to pause for one match.
2 - 4
Reanimation successful, but the character has to pause for two matches.
5 - 8 
RCS and MCS –1
9 - 12 
Character gets a steel plate implanted and cannot wear helms. The plate ignores the first headshot and is destroyed in the process. The character may not be reanimated again.
13 - 16
BR –2
17 - 19
+1 on RCS or MCS and +1 on BR

5.2 Repairing weapons

If you want to use destroyed weapons in the next match, they have to be repaired. If the needed repair units are paid with the appropriate credits, there won´t be any further problems. 
The melee weapon mechanics (MC) even repair the standard weapons. 

Mechanic groups
MC – group: costs: 150 credits, 30 credits per weapon fixed 
RC – group: costs: 75 credits, 20 credits per weapon fixed

5.3 Lost home/away matches
If a team loses a home game, the director of the league has to roll on the following table (D20).
1 - 5
Some stones hit the touring bus and damage it. Repairing it costs you 25 credits.
6 - 10
The angry fans and sponsors can be calmed, but only with 50 credits for a trip to the craters of Callisto.
11 - 14
Trouble in the stadium... a couple of things broken... 75 credits needed!
15 – 20
The upset faces and the heart-breaking excuses during the interviews helped to calm the situation. The lost match does not have any consequences.

If a team loses an away game, the director of the league has to roll on the following table (D20).
1 - 5
The fans get angry and destroy the advertising boards. A penalty of 10 credits applies.
6 - 9
The fans destroy everything in the surrounding of the arena. The team owner has to pay 25 credits to repair the damages.
10 - 14
Some of the best fans went into the city. 50 credits will be enough to calm the situation.
15 - 20 
The fans are very excited about the courrage of the team, so the fans do not damage anything. They only have some party in the streets (no costs)!

5.4 Penalty system
For violations against tuning and setting up-rules as well as for cowardship during the match certain penalties apply. There are also penalties for repeatedly missing a day of tournament.

5.4.1 Violations against the tuning and setting-up rules
If a team owner violates the tuning and setting-up rules the director of the league has to draw some consequences.

This violation mainly refers to credits not available but used for tuning anyway. A roll on the penalty table is needed. If the violation is noticed during the match the team is disqualified and the match result is 3 : 0 points and 150 credits.

5.4.2 Missing a day of tournament
If missing a match, the result is 150 : 0 credits (3 : 0 points). If the team in question repeatedly misses matches - the reason for that is not of intrest - a roll on the following table is needed.

Penalty table
1, 20
200 credits must be paid to the FEARLESS - Company
2 - 4
50 credits must be paid to the FEARLESS - Company
5 - 8
One sponsor contract is canceled
9 - 11
A donation of 75 credits has to be made after the next match.
12 - 16
A donation of 100 credits has to be made directly after the match.
17 - 19
One member of the team decides to exit the team and is set on the transferlist.

5.4.3 Drawing out before the game is over
This world is for the courageous, so the fans of the FEARLESS-league love to see – you guess it – absolutely fearless characters. Cowardliness is scorned upon. As a result of this the FEARLESS–Company decided to establish some penalties for cowardliness.

For every character who has not received any critical wounds and is drawn out before the game is over, 25 credits have to be paid. A penalty of 50 credits applies for drawning out character who hasn´t suffered any wounds.

6 Bonus system
The FEARLESS–Company also established awards for outstanding performances during the season.

Medal Minor Class (MMC)
A team with a winning streak of 3 wins in a row is awarded with the MMC. It gets 50 credits which can only be used for its characters.
Medal Imperior Class (MIC)
A team with a winning streak of 6 wins in a row is awarded with the MIC. It gets 100 credits which can only be used for its characters.
Medal Superior Class (MSC)
A team with a winning streak of 9 wins in a row is awarded with the MSC. It gets 200 credits which can only be used for its characters.

"In a row" means, matches won without a lost match.

7 Transfer list
There are several reasons for a character to be on the transferlist (which cannot be influenced by the team owner sometimes).

  1. The team owner tries to sell a character to get some credits.
  2. The character was not part of the setting up for 4 matches in a row. As a result of this the character gets angry and cancels the contract with the team immediately. If you like it or not the character is set on the transfer list.
  3. A result of a penalty can set a character on the transferlist. e.g.: repeatedly missing a day of tournament
  4. A character is tuned up so high that he does not want to be part of the team any longer. Here tuned up too high means: S ( standard character costs + equipment/tuning ) is more than twice the standard character costs (this only applies for characters with a standard cost of less than 450 credits; for characters with 451 credits or more it applies when the tuning and equipment part is more than 50% of the standard cost.

  5. Example:
    Randy Burns credits: 320; 320 + 320 = 640 credits
    In in this case the value may reach a maximum of 640 credits!
    XD-37 credits: 540; 540 + 270 = 710 credits
    For the XD-37 the value may only reach 710 credits!
Tuning means: Increase of value with equipment or increase of attributes. Additional ammunition is indirect tuning and means no increase of value.
A character on the transferlist loses all his equipment, but not his improved attributes. With the lost equipment the character loses the appropriate value.
A character on the transferlist can be bought for his half credit value. (the standard cost is not of intrest) For example a Guardian with a value of 980 credits may be bought for 490 credits. The credits are transferred to the account of the former owner.

Purchasing of a character from the transferlist is regulated. The last team in the ranking has got the option to buy a character from the transferlist. Of course the statues have to be considered: e.g. no maygones and plasmodes in one team. 

If the last team in the ranking does not want to buy this character, the option goes to the last but one team in the ranking, and so on.

Of course everybody has the right to look at the transferlist. Try to put it up visible for everybody.

If you buy a character from the transferlist, you will be able to use it in the next match.

8 Tuningrules

The tuning rules for the league system are mainly the same as for the tournament rules. Tuning characters before the first day of tournament has already been described in an earlier chapter. After the first match you may use a maximum of half the credits earned in the match and a maximum of 50 credits from your account. You may use more credits from your account to buy a new character.
Characters below a standard value of 450 credits may be tuned up to a value of twice their standard value.

Characters with an higher value than 451 credits may be tuned up to a limit of the half of their standard value.

Additional ammunition is not direct tuning, so it does not belong to the tuning value.

9 Other rules

9.1 Bankruptcy

If a team runs out of money, the FEARLESS-Company will provide a credit up to a maximum of 1200 credits. These credits have to be paid back as fast as possible, so the earnings of this team will be directly transferred to the account of the FEARLESS-Company. No tuning is allowed as long as the credit hasn´t been completly paid back.
Medical aid and needed repairs are allowed. Here running out of credits means that the team has an empty account and less than three characters.
In the league system flamethrowers does not cause any equipment damage.

9.3 Medic Unit & Repairchip
Characters with this kind of equipment have to roll a D20 when using it for the first time. The result shows how many rounds (not actions) he or she has to use the equipment.

10 Appendix

10.1 Form descriptions

Who doesn´t know the saying : From the cradle to the grave... But sometimes they make life easier and help you to get the general view of things. In the FEARLESS-league system they are indispensable.

With the team-form the team owner builds up his team.
First the name of the team and it´s owner have to be filled in. The columns are filled out with the name of a character, its standard costs, additional equipment and tuning with the appropriate credits and the present value of the character. The boxes 1 - 14 symbolize the single days of tournament. If a character is used in a match, mark it with a "X".
In the lower part of the form entries like account / tuning part, sponsor contracts and medical aid have to be made.
Use a pencil in this part of the form, because the values often change.

The schedule gives an view over the matches on the single days of tournament and its results.
After determining the numbers for the teams, the director of the league may enter the participating teams and the home/away column can be filled.
He should enter the results after every match. Remaining credits means: "credits from match" + "additional income" - "costs".

Day of tournament
This form shows both the results of individual matches and the income and expanses.

The director of the league determines the rankings after every match and enters them into this form.
The points and the won/lost credits are of importance for the rankings.
The column difference means : points won minus points lost.

Transfer list
If a character enters the transfer list his full credit value is entered in this form. Half of this amount has to be paid when buying this character.

Team account
The team account is for the players who like to follow their financial situation. Its no required for the league.

      Day of tournament Early season 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
      viewing rate
      sum income
      medical aid
      weapon repair
      new characters
      Sum expanses
10.2 End of season

The last three teams in the ranking are relegated.

The first three teams in the 2nd division enter the 1st division

What to do after finishing the season? There were many questions we had to ask ourselves. The league system was

originaly thought to create so called "Cups". Of course there have to be several rules for changing divisions and for
those who want to enter a running league. The optional rules for a more demanding season are nearly similar to the basic rules. The teams start with 5000 credits of which 300 credits may be used for tuning. A team must consist of at least 8 characters.
Here are the differences:
Should a team have any debts from the last season, the amount will be subtracted from the 5000 credits every team owner has. The new team has to be built up from the remaining credits.
The repair units and the medical teams you used in the last season will work for you in the new seson. You don't have to buy new ones, but you have to pay half of the normal purchasing costs to renew the contracts. New team owners have to pay the full costs.
The credits that are still on your account are shared. One half is "lost" (kind of commision for your fighters). The other half will be transfered to your new account.
The characters you used in the last season, have to be paid again. The new costs belong to their present credit value. (they still posses their equipment and incresed attributes). Of course you are not forced to renew the contracts of all you characters.
So clearly spoken, nobody will be able to keep his old team. It would be to expensive. Another reson is that your old characters need some holiday. The 3rd day of the new season will be the moment you will be able to use them again.
Sponsor contracts are running out at teh end of a season.
Three teams are relegated and three teams change the division in the other direction. Should any team not be able to participate the new season, the league leader has to decide how he manages this situation.
10.3 Play Off's
Let's come to the ‘Play Off’s’. If there are more teams who want to participate the new season than places are free. So, the teams have to qualify themselves for the league.

Here is our suggestion:

Play with 1500 credits. No tuning is allowed.

The point system is the same as in the league.
You gain one point for every match you play during the Play Off's.
A victory brings 2 points.
Every killed opponent brings another point.
Two teams may not play more than two times against each other.
Every team should play 5 matches.
The teams with the most points are relegated.
Because no credits can be earned, a new team begins with the basic team building rules.
The Play Off's are optional rules. Every other way of qualifying can be used as well.
10.4 The Forms
I don't know if you can print the forms, because I haven't tested it yet. If you have MS-Excel, you have the optimum quality. The file "LigaFormulare2.xls" contains all used forms. The reference sheet is the MS-Word-ile "LigaÜbersicht5".