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 ● What is Magic Challenge
  • Two or more players slip into the role of one wizard each, creating and controlling creatures by weaving spells. The one managing to destroy his opponent's protective shield wins. It is possible to attack your opponent(s) with huge masses of creatures, because spells are casted every turn.
 ● The idea behind Magic Challenge
  • There are many people playing table-tops and having great ideas for new games. Magic Challenge is an opportunity for those people, because the game has, like they say in computer language, an open source code: The rules are open to everyone. They can be copied and passed on to everybody. Itís not that difficult with only 3 pages of rules. 
  • And hereís the kicker:
    The game will be published on different homepages in different languages. For the beginning we plan with English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian and of course, our language, German. Every opinion, idea, and suggestion (even figure-suggestions) from the players of Magic Challenge in our mailbox, will be presented on the internet page (or 
    The evaluations of the game will be released on the internet. 
  • After the development of Magic Challenge, there will be a printed version of the rules. Those major rules will be added to the figure boxes, especially developed for the game.
  • One thing is for sure:
    Magic Challenge is a demanding but fast to learn fantasy-table-top, that can easily be played by three or more players. Itís really unique and thus the greatest innovation in table-top gaming so far. 
 ● Advantages of Magic Challenge
  • It is completly different than other tabeltop games. No endless hours of putting up your army or discussing rules.
  • Because of rules, which are easy to understand, even new players can play Magic Challenge without any further manuals of fantasy-tabletops.
  • The game is not expensive. Even with one army you can play a nice game.
  • Unlike other tabletops the game is good playable even with more than 3 players. The game would not slow down or worse.
  • Due to the different races and their skills, to the terrain, which can be replaced for every game, and to the advanced rules, every new game becomes more interesting.
  • The game is fantastic to play a sorcerer-league.

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