Welcome to our news section - updated: 08-02-07

Do you have problems with playing Magic Challenge? Just have a look here!

Now the Snake-Amazons are online. You can find them here in the picture section.

All things you need to play Magic Challenge are translated in Russian now and available for download. Thanks to Yegor.
The russian rules have finally arrived. Actually we prepare to put them online. Soon they will be available for download.

Once again, there is someone, who wants to translate the rules in russia. I hope it will be all right this time. Actions speak louder than words.

We took the colored download versions out of the net. I think the most of you prefer the less expensive b/w-version.

New and older Sorcerer are online with rules. Now the Wizards get busy!
You also find the new troop Chaos Knight.

A picture for Magic-Challenge has been drawn. The development is documented in our NetNews. here

First pictures of the the Magic-Challenge figures - Click here

The first update is out now (02.07.02). We will try to work out the novelties on this pages.

Magic Challenge is, as everybody knows, in the middle of its development. Meanwhile some proposals arrived us and we started to sort them and think about them.

One point came out very clear. The basic idea seems to be good, so we are not going to change it in any point.

Most ideas refer to the spells or the creature-races. What we think about the spell thing is, that the increase of the spell pool makes the game very complex and incomputable. We want to keep Magic Challenge fast, so we think it might be better to increase the pool of creatures and creature-races. 

In the next month we will try to present the next new races.